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We are specialized in consultancy and development of sustainable technologies

Do you have an issue with (over) consumption of energy and are you looking for a practical solution?

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Geothermal powerplants from 50 kW to 100MW

Geothermal Powerplants from 50kW to 100MW

ultra low head hydro power

Ultra low head hydro power

Huge hydropower project generate  a lot of energy with low flows and high heads, but often only for a limited period of time.

With ultra low head hydro power  it is possible to generate electricity with big flows and only little head.



With modern technologies it is possible to generate electricity with temperatures as low as 70 degrees Celsius


Next generation server cooling 

With next generation server cooling it is possible to re-use heat f.i. from smart buildings and to reduce the energy used for air cooled electronic equipment

A trackrecord of technological innovations

The people behind AAT have been at the cradle of such different technologies as Fishfarming, the Internet, Geothermal Powerplants and new types of server and datacenter cooling. Our strenght is in getting a product from a rough idea to a feasible business case, sometimes even further.