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AAT is also distributor of Optisolar products like the  Energie schutting

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We are specialized in consultancy and development of new and existing sustainable technologies.

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NHx detection

We developped a 24/7/365 logging sensor for agricultural and general environmental purposes,

It can also be used for management of bio- and chemical filters to increase the cleaning efficiency. The optional independant private block chain backed logging makes it possible to get a fully independant certification of the locally emitted NH3, non dependant on external extrapolations of satellite or governmental detector stations

Next Generation datacenter and server cooling

With next generation server cooling it is possible to reduce energy consumption from IT equipment an re-use heat f.i. for heating of smart buildings.

Also works for existing equipment!

Heat to electricity

With modern technology it is possible to generate electricity commercially viable from temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius and up

Geothermal power plants

With current energy prices and modern drilling technology it is possible to make commercial use of geothermal energy as deep as 9000 m

Ultra Low head hydro power

Big hydro power plants need high volumes of water and high pressures to generate electricity. They also have a big impact on ecology and biodiversity. Small Low head hydro power installations can be build close to the consumers with low losses in transport and almost no impact on the environment

Micro and mini hydro power

In the past every small river had several water mills which were used for local villages and industry. The low cost of hydrocarbon fuels caused the decline of the use of small hydro power.

New developped low head water turbine technology has increased the overall efficiency of electricity generation which makes previously abandonned watermill locations financially interesting again

A trackrecord of technological innovations

The people behind AAT have been at the cradle of such different technologies as Fishfarming, the Internet, Geothermal Powerplants and new types of server and datacenter cooling. Our strenght is in getting a product from a rough idea to a feasible business case, sometimes even further.